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          The complexes of poly(methacrylic acid-co-methyl methacrylate) network with poly(ethylene glycol) stabilized by hydrogen bonds were prepared. By introducing the poly(ethylene glycol), a large difference in storage modulus below and above the glass transition temperature occurred and the complexes exhibited shape memory behaviors. The morphology of complexes was studied by using DSC, WAXD, and DMA. The results indicate that the fixed phase of this kind of novel shape memory materials is the network, and the reversible phase is the amorphous state of PEG:PMAA complex phase. The shape recoverability almost reaches 100%. This type of complexes can be regarded as a novel shape memory network....

          2020-12-22 21:24:13瀏覽:53 hydrogenbondedcomplexshapeMemoryeffectstoragemodulusratio

        • Analysis on Text-level Reading

          Reading,especially reading at text level,is a process of continuously repeating,consolidating and understanding words,phrases,and sentences.However,from the perspective of psycholinguistics,the compariosn and contrast of empirical data from experiments and researches would be evidences to support the idea that reading at text level is mainly influenced by readers' ability of identifying a text's cohesion and coherence,balancing the activation and suppression of background knowledge,as well as readers' utilization of working memory.Readers can make good use of these three aspects in order to advance their understanding of reading at text level....

          2020-11-22 17:58:37瀏覽:32 textlevelreadingcohesioncoherencebackgroundknowledgeworkingMemory

        • Surface treatment of NiTi shape memory alloy by modified advanced oxidation process

          A modified advanced oxidation process(AOP) utilizing a UV/electrochemically-generated peroxide system was used to fabricate titania films on chemically polished NiTi shape memory alloy(SMA). The microstructure and biomedical properties of the film were characterized by scanning electron microscopy(SEM), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy(XPS), inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometry(ICPMS), hemolysis analysis, and blood platelet adhesion test. It is found that the modified AOP has a high processing effectiveness and can result in the formation of a dense titania film with a Ni-free zone near its top surface. In comparison, Ni can still be detected on the outer NiTi surface by the conventional AOP using the UV/H2O2 system. The depth profiles of O, Ni, Ti show that the film possesses a smooth graded interface structure next to the NiTi substrate and this structure enhances the mechanical stability of titania film. The titania film can dramatically reduce toxic Ni ion release and also improve the hemolysis resistance and thromboresistance of biomedical NiTi SMA....

          2020-11-22 17:58:37瀏覽:37 NiTishapeMemoryalloytitaniafilmadvancedoxidationprocess(AOP)biomedical

        • Acoustic emission generated during the gas sorption-desorption process in coal

          An experimental system for monitoring the acoustic signals generated in coal during gas sorption and/or desorption was designed and the acoustic signals were observed under different gas pressures.The experimental results show that signals generated by the coal during gas adsorption are attenuated over time.Also,the signals are not continuous but are impulsive.The intensity of the signals generated during gas desorption is far smaller than that observed during adsorption.The signal seen during desorption remains essentially stable.Cycles of sorption and desorption cause acoustic emission signals that exhibit a memory effect,which depends upon the maximum gas pressure the sample was exposed to in earlier cycles.Lower pressures in subsequent cycles,compared to the maximum adsorption pressure in previous cycles,cause both the energy and impulse frequency to be lower than previously.On the contrary,a gas adsorption pressure that exceeds the maximum pressure seen by the sample during earlier cycles causes both the energy and impulse frequency to be high....

          2020-06-12 16:16:54瀏覽:1391 Sorption-desorptiongasAcousticemissioncycleMemoryeffect

        • Memcached應用研究


          2020-06-12 15:47:35瀏覽:1399 Memcached內存緩存系統Web查詢MemoryCachesystemwebInquiry


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